Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology / University of Kerbala Organizing “Student Projects” Exhibition in its Thirteenth Edition

Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology / University of Kerbala has organized “Student Projects Exhibition” in its thirteenth edition, with a participation of students at various academic levels.
The exhibition, inaugurated by Governor of Karbala, Eng. Nassif Jassim Al-Khattabi, President of the University, Dr. Basim K. Nile , and vice President for Administrative affairs, Prof. Dr. Akram Mohsen Al-Yasiri. It includes a presentation of projects and activities of the students for completed and unfinished stages.
The number of projects and activities presented by students of Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology exceeds more than 30 projects that dealts with various problems in sectors of agriculture, health, transportation, information exchange, electronic payment, and others.
For its part, Karbala Governorate has taken the initiative to adopt some projects that would facilitate work within different sectors in the governorate.
The exhibition also witnesses participation of some Faculty departments of University of Kerbala, as well as participation of a number of private faculties.
The “Students’ Projects and Activities” exhibition, which is held annually by University of Kerbala, provides an opportunity for those in charge of the province to adopt some of the projects completed by students that provide solutions to some of the problems facing the city, or to find out solutions that contribute to facilitating business within various sectors within state institutions.