Faculty of Nursing / University of Kerbala Holding a Scientific Workshop on Modern Cancer Treatments

Under the auspices of President of University of Kerbala, Prof. Dr. Basim Khalil Nile Saedi and under direct supervision of Dean of Faculty of Nursing Prof. Dr. Ali Karim Al-Jubouri, Faculty of Nursing has conducted a workshop on therapeutic effectiveness of anti-cholesterol in treatment of cancer and the relationship of food to therapeutic interference. It has been presented by Lect. Dr. Mohammed Al-Jubouri / Faculty of Veterinary Medicine.
The workshop aims at showing the importance of treating anti-cholesterol in treatment of types of cancers that affect humans and the relationship of healthy diet in the success of the work of these treatments. It points out that causes of cancer vary from country to another according to habits of that community and the use of perfumes, cosmetics, hydrogenated fats and canned foods that increase cases of cancers in our societies