Iraqi Universities Enhance their Positions of Scientific Research in Times Higher Education Young University Rankings and Scopus Containers

The British Times Foundation has released its 2022 ranking for universities that have been less than 50 years old.

The official ranking website ( shows that University of Technology occupies an important position within the 251-300 category of the total number of ranked universities that have reached five hundred and thirty-nine academic institution that competed according to the performance indicators approved in the rankings of the world’s universities (THE World University Rankings), with adjusting the ranges given to each of the indicators of academic reputation, teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international reputation.
In a related context, Iraqi public and private universities have enhanced their range of scientific research published in Scopus containers, as the total number of Iraqi research published in international containers has increased to more than eighty-five thousand research in various scientific disciplines.

In this regard, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Dr. Nabil Kadhim Abdel Sahib, praises the achievement of universities and colleges and their specialized scientific staff, urging them to further excellence, employ potentials, and benefit from coordination programs, memoranda of understanding and cooperation agreements with international universities and specialized international organizations to achieve the policy and strategy of higher education and its objectives in the areas of development.