Karbala University Discussing the Overlapping Speech in Al-Zahraa’s Sermons


      With the participation of professors and students, the Faculty of Islamic Sciences at Kerbala University has  hold a workshop entitled (Overlapping Discourse in Al-Zahraa’s Speeches and its Effect on Reorienting the Islamic Discourse) on the Imam Hussain hall.

     The lecturer, Dr. Adel Kamel says that this study does not go beyond describing it as a small attempt to present a new reading in a big speech to Fatima Al-Zahraa, however; it is a reminder of her valuable speeches. Being a treasury letter with sacred speeches, the speech aims at continuing and perpetuating the Prophet’s message  and reorienting the speech of Islam  which  has been deviated by the opposite thought of the overturned last. It is represented by its well-known sermon – fallacy – by (fadakiyya), and this study sees that Al-Zahraa ( peace be upon her ) is the living example of the Prophet Muhammed. She  has risen the burdens of Islam after his departure establishing a valuable speech.

 The study deals with Al-Zahraa’s speech :an interdisciplinary approach in the light of a statement that she adopts which is summarized by the overlapping of speeches that rise to the intertwining of two speeches produced in two different contexts, one of which is absent and evoked in a new context other than its context, and the other present, which contributes to reorienting the evoked context.

    The lecturer states that the direct cause motivated this study lies in the  intellectually and ideologically of the sermons. It alsorepresents a missionary breakthrough that comes to complete the march of the Muhammadiyah message which is a verbal revolution that terrifies the overthrown team.

     The lecturer indicates that the study is divided into two topics, the first of which is devoted to the theoretical side, so he considers its central theme, which is the overlapping of the discourse as a proposed term.