Karbala University Discussing the Procedures of the Government Programme 2020

Under the chairmanship of the assistant president of the university for scientific affairs and in the presence of the members of the committee, the central committee for the government programme of Kerbala University 2018-2022 and the problem that has been met . they discuss the paragraphs of the governmental programme of the University of Kerbala.

The head of the committee, Prof. Dr. Najem Abdel-Hussein Najem, says that the meeting deal with the goals and programmes within the governmental programme of the University and follow-up projects in the light of achievement and the presentation of completed projects, as well as discussing future programmes that may be put forward in the year 2020 by the ministry. Added to that, there are several the ideas that have been presented by the members of the committee which lay down a vision for them so as to help in the complete and speedy work of implementing the provisions of the governmental programme in accordance with academic and scientific plans and the directives of the Ministry.