Kerbala University Discussing a scientific study “The Grammatical Objections in the book Menat al-Manan by Mr. Muhammad Muhammad Sadiq al-Sadr 1999 AD)

The Faculty of Education for Human Sciences at the University of Kerbala, has discussed the M.A. thesis entitled (the grammatical objections in the book of Mennat Al-Manan by Mr. Muhammad Muhammad Sadiq Al-Sadr T 1999 AD).
The thesis, presented by the student Hazem Hussein Saleh, aims at reading the importance of grammatical objections in the book.
The researcher examines 54 objections, taking into account the important choice of these objections, and reluctance to study similar issues, bearing in mind that the researcher’s task is not counting all of these objections, but rather standing on the important of them, which is in the service of the sciences concerned with studying the textures of the Quranic text.