Kerbala University Discussing an M.A. Thesis entitled “the Role of Creative Marketing in improving the mental image of the organization”

The Faculty of Administration and Economics at the University of Kerbala has discussed the M.A. thesis entitled “The Role of Creative Marketing in Improving the Mental Image of the Organization: An analytical exploratory study of the workers’ opinions in the Iraqi Asiacell Telecom Company / Holy Karbala Branch”. It has been presented by Tabarak Ali Abbas Al-Saeedi. The study aims at diagnosing the role and contribution of creative marketing and its dimensions in improving the mental image of Asia Cell Communications Company / Holy Karbala Branch.
The study includes analyzing the relationship between the variables through the opinions of a sample of workers in the Asia Cell Telecom Company, using the exploratory analytical research method. For the purpose of determining the relationship between these variables, a set of main and sub hypotheses have been developed.
The study confirms the existence of a significant effect between creative marketing and the mental image of the company under investigation.
The thesis shows the necessity of bridging the relationship between the company and its customers and consolidating this relationship by providing offers and facilities to customers in line with their expectations regarding the use of communication and Internet services.