Kerbala University Discussing an MA. Thesis entitled Criminal Policy in Criminalization of Negative Social Norms and Customs

Faculty of Law / Kerbala University has discussed the MA. thesis which is entitled “Criminal Policy in Criminalization of Negative Social Norms and Customs: A Practical Study in Iraqi society”.
The thesis, presented by Jumana Star Turki, aimed at providing protection for individuals and society from negative social norms and customs that are threatening the lives of humanity, by showing the role of criminal policy in confronting them. The legal and legislation has a vital role in decreasing that norms and habits that spread violence and aggression among members of the community.
The study shows the great role of norms and customs in Iraqi society as an officer of social controls, but this does not stand in the way of the legislator in criminalizing dangerous behaviours that threaten the security of society, which are the source of some negative social norms and customs, as is the case in taking revenge, as well as firing explosives and bullets.
The study concludes that the criminal policy is an integrated plan developed by countries to confront and prevent crime. This action is an expression of developments in society.

The researcher suggests a number of proposals, the most prominent of them is the recommendation to amend some provisions of the penal code.