Kerbala University Holding a Training Course entitled “Balanced Scorecard and its Role in Supporting Education Quality

With participation of a number of researchers and specialists,  Faculty of  Administration and Economics at Kerbala University has hold a course entitled “ Balanced Scorecard and its Role in Supporting Education Quality“. It aims at developing the employees’ skills and acquainting them with the significance of job description  and ways of dictating it in evaluation in accordance with the formula of card performance. It also explains the extent of its reflection on the strategies of learning so as to uplift the quality of education in relation to the  one adopted by the Ministry.

     The course deals with the role of job description  and its importance I enhancing the employee’s performance. Added to that, it determines the intangible index of the balanced scorecard and its relation with the other indexes and strategies of learning. Thus, all the outcomes will meet the Ministry’s requirements.