Kerbala University Holding a Training Course entitled ” Headway”

The Faculty of Education for Human Science at the University of Kerbala  holds a training course for university professors who are studying the English language curriculum headway.

The course lasted for three days. It has been was delivered by Assist. Prof. Dr. Moayd Umran Chiad.

    The course aims at developing the skills of teachers on teaching methods for the ministerial curriculum and to train them on ways of using the curriculum in a better way for students of scientific departments.

     The first day discusses the method of formulating learning goals and the results of those goals. The second day, developing brainstorming skills and choosing the appropriate method to achieve educational goals.

The last one highlights the methods of dealing with the problems of large numbers of students and the method of correct performance-based evaluation and how to measure the level of teaching using internationally prepared standards.