Kerbala University Holding a Virtual Course for the Rules of Intonation and Correct Reading

It has been held at the University of Kerbala, the Quranic course entitled with (the rules of intonation and proper reading) presented by the Committee for the Management of Courses and Electronic Workshops of the Division of Continuing Education in the Faculty of Islamic Sciences at the University of Kerbala and in cooperation with the House of the Holy Qur’an at the Husseini Shrine. It also done under the supervision of the President of Kerbala University, Prof. Dr. Basem Khalil Al-Saedi, and the Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences, Assist. Prof. Dr. Durgham Karim Kazim Al-Mousawi. It lasted one month two days (Monday and Wednesday) a week. The session started on Monday 15/June/2020 It ended in 8 July 2020.
A group of professors participated in it. It has been presented by Assist. Lect. Ammar Majed Al-Mahawili and directed by each of the Assist. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Nadhim Al-Mufarriji, Dr. Faiza Snake Mansi, and the Lect.. Maher Hassan Kazim, and on the Google classroom.
The course aims at teaching participants the rules of intonation and its rules and ways of reciting the Holy Quran properly.
It is worth noting that during this course the participants have learned the following: the display and the provisions of the static nun and concealment in addition to showing practical applications of these provisions.
For their part, the participants in this session have expressed their thanks to those responsible for providing this opportunity, indicating that it has provided them with a lot of valuable religious information, especially the practical part, calling for the establishment of more workshops and courses that contribute to developing experiences to serve the public interest.