Kerbala University Holding a Workshop on Modern Teaching Strategies

Under the auspices of the President of Kerbala University, Prof. Dr. Basim Khalil Nayil Al-Saeedi, and under the supervision of the dean of the Faculty of Physical Education, Prof. Dr. Habeeb Ali Taher, the Faculty has hold an electronic workshop entitled ” Strategies Modern Teaching” with the participation of more than 1000 of researchers and specialists using the FCC application.

The workshop aims at identifying all the matter related for choosing strategies  and determining the obstacles that may be faced by the researcher using modern strategy of education to create a sense of interest.

It also differentiate between strategy, method and approach dealing with the latest method including the Merder strategy and E-Learning strategy. It recommends the necessity  of using modern ones so as making the student  the centre of the educational process as well as activating the e- learning in a way that match the laws of the Ministry