Kerbala University signs a Cooperation Mechanism with Huawei

Kerbala University has signed a joint cooperation mechanism with Huawei to develop scientific and technological cooperation between the two parties.
Vice President of Kerbala University for Scientific Affairs, Prof. Dr. Najm Abdul-Hussein Najm, says that the university has signed a cooperation mechanism so as to train and employ graduate students, specialists and those whom are interested.
Prof. Dr. Najm Abdul-Hussein Najm adds that the university is working to enhance investment in development of human minds by qualifying students and graduates and providing them with the latest scientific findings in various technological fields.
He also explains that University of Kerbala has agreed with Huawei to open an academy specialized in field of installing computer networks, the Internet and its accessories, stressing that the services are provided within multidisciplinary courses and levels free of charge to Kerbala University. Qualified persons will be employed by the company’s owners, in the labor market or in the global market, as it will grant an international certificate.