On the International Day of Education, Ministry of Education” Striving to achieve the Goals and Requirements of Sustainable Development”

In line with the International Day of Education on the twenty-fourth of January, and emphasizing the importance of education in developing programs and effecting change, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research is proceeding with its policy that deals with goals of sustainable development and achieving its requirements in Iraq and its strategy in taking into account the population growth index and providing scientific, educational and advisory services to all fields of the state.
Despite all circumstances and challenges, our governmental and private university institutions have succeeded in this path, according to indicators of the United Nations in supervising, raising awareness, and teaching sustainable development goals, they have been able to accommodate more than one million, one hundred and thirteen thousand students at the level of undergraduate and postgraduate studies in medical, engineering and agricultural disciplines, veterinary, pure sciences, administrative, educational, humanitarian, legal, and arts to achieve their tasks and functions in providing knowledge, producing scientific research and serving the community.

On this occasion, we join UNESCO in its celebration of the International Day of Education, and we look forward to further cooperation in educational fields and development programs that serve the region and the world.