Teachers from the Universities of Kerbala and Kufa Writing a Book on the Theoretical and Practical Foundations of Basketball

The two instructors, Dr. Hussein Manati and Dr. Nidal Obaid Al-Ghanmi from the Faculty of Physical Education at the University of Kerbala, and Dr. Hassanein Jumaa Al-Issawi from the University of Kufa have issued a new book entitled” Theoretical and Practical foundations in basketball”.
Dr. Hussein Manati says that the book includes recent topics in the field of basketball training for players and coaches, in addition to everything that is modern about skill tests. He indicates that it contains five chapters, which deals with a detailed explanation of what basketball is and all the basic skills, both offensive and defensive, and clarifying the positions of players on the field and defense with basketball in all its forms, as well as the attack with basketball and all its individual and differential types.
He adds that the book clarifies the special physical abilities of the basketball player and the methods of its development, as well as the variables of the ability to repeat speed, as being one of the important and modern topics of the players, in addition to introducing everything new from the skill tests.
This book, according to the description of the authors and specialists, constitutes a new addition to our libraries for the benefit of students and those interested in basketball, and postgraduate students.