The University of Kerbala Holding a Training Course entitled (Using the Word Programme in Typing Theses and Dissertations)

The Faculty of Education for Pure Sciences at the University of Kerbala has held a training course entitled (Using the Word Program in Typing Theses and Dissertations), with the participation of a number of specialists and graduate students presented by of Dr. Ahmed Khairallah Shahid, Dr. Muhammad Hamid Hussain, and Dr. Adel Jalil Najm, Via the Zoom application.
The course aims at shedding light on the identification of some new mechanisms and techniques included in the Office programme that many researchers need in terms of adjusting paragraphs and lines and including shapes and managing them in the body of the research.
The course includes two axes, the first is ways of managing research and theses through the office programme, and the second is to sort theses and dissertations for graduate students.