The University of Kerbala, Holding its 4th International Conference on Engineering Sciences in Cooperation with the Australian Swinburne University of Technology

Under the blessing of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Dr. Nabeel Kadhem Abdel-Saheb, and under the direct supervision of the President of Kerbala University, Prof. Dr. Basem Nayel Al-Saedi, the Faculty of Engineering at Kerbala University holds its fourth international conference (ICES2020) and in cooperation with Swinburne University of Technology (Australia), and with the participation of researchers and specialists from various Iraqi and international universities.
The conference (ICES2020) aims at publishing and discussing the latest discoveries and modern research in different engineering disciplines, to exploit opportunities for meeting and scientific and research communication, and to open horizons for cooperation with the corresponding disciplines in international and local universities to establish joint research and invest natural resources in a thoughtful manner in order not to waste them in various engineering fields
The conference includes the discussion of 162 scientific papers by researchers from Iraqi, Arab and international universities, and with five different engineering axes, from civil engineering, architecture engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, oil engineering, life medicine engineering and other various engineering fields, which deal with the scientific and engineering development of this science and the possibility of its investment and employment in the service of society privately and publicly.
The president, Prof. Dr. Basem Al-Saedi, says that the University of Kerbala seeks, through the conference, to bring together international and local academics and researchers in a wide scientific atmosphere to exchange knowledge, experiences and innovations and to cross-fertilization of ideas in theoretical and practical fields and for all engineering disciplines.
He explains that the conference, which has been held in its fourth edition, has been attended by researchers from Iraqi universities and Arab and foreign countries, and it is an excellent step in Iraq to contribute to the promotion of science locally and internationally because of its prominent role in the field of specialization, building institutions and serving the nation,

On the other hand, the dean of the faculty, Dr. Laith Shaker Rashid Al-Qaraawi, says that the scientific committee at the conference received more than 300 research papers in various engineering disciplines and after conducting the examination and rationale, 162 papers have been accepted within the engineering specializations,
He emphasizes that the Faculty of Engineering, despite the challenges, continues its scientific and service results in community service, relying on the qualitative quality of performance, and originality in addressing cognitive problems and reaching creative, creative solutions that contribute to solving reality problems.