Two researchers from University of Kerbala Obtain a Patent for Manufacturing Nanoparticles

Two researchers from Faculty of Engineering /University of Kerbala obtain a patent from Central Organization for Standardization and Quality Control, to manufacture, use nanoparticles of (silica-magnesium oxide) and improve rheological properties of crude oil.
The patent aims at improving flow properties of crude oil, which contribute to improve its quality and value, facilitates process of transporting it in pipes over long distances, and reduces effort and cost at pumping stations.
The patent includes manufacturing processes and experimental verification of the use of a nano-mixture at different concentrations on a set of samples of Iraqi crude oil.
The two researchers, Lect. Salem Jawad and Asst. Prof. Dr. Farhan Lafta / Department of Petroleum Engineering / Faculty of Engineering, use for the first time a nano-mixture consist of (silica and magnesium oxide), while Ahdab oil field has been chosen as a source of crude oil samples in the study.