University of Kerbala and “Nizwa, Oman” Organizing a scientific Symposium on Islamic Architecture

Faculty of Engineering / University of Kerbala has organized a scientific symposium on (Islamic architecture between heritage and modernity) in which lecturer from Omani University of Nizwa, Asst. Prof. Dr. Lua’a Aljbouri delivers a Lecture with attendence of a number of Professors and students.

The symposium includes a lecture by Dr. Louay Al-Jubouri on some applied models of some mosques and castles in Oman and their comparison between engineering and function in terms of designing internal and external spaces and adoption of one color and lighting in terms of shadow and light in architectural forms and treatments of architectural formation in Islamic architecture communicate with heritage, and the asst. Lect. Miteb Al-Saadi also delivers a lecture on practicing architectural profession after graduation and its importance in organizing engineering work and the need to find job opportunities in local market within private sector and its mechanisms by specialized engineering and consulting offices.

The symposium aims at enhancing horizons of constructive scientific cooperation between Iraqi and international universities, confirming what is stated in joint academic and research cooperation memorandums, which is within the plan of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.