University of Kerbala Completes Implementation of a Ground Water Tank for Irrigation

University of Kerbala has completed implementation of a vital irrigation water storage project with a storage volume of 11,000 thousand cubic meters.
President of the University, Prof. Dr. Basim K. Nile states that engineering and technical staff has completed the construction of a ground water tank project for irrigation of the university, with a storage volume of 11,000 cubic meters of water, explaining that aim of implementing the project is to provide irrigation water for gardens and green spaces for most of university’s spaces through irrigation channel that is previously implemented and used once water levels from the main river to the university is low , and the project is considered one of sustainable projects that reduces problems of climate fluctuations within University Campus.
Nile adds that the project has been established with efforts and supervision of university cadres, and floor of the project covered in order to ensure no water leakage and reduce losses from irrigation water, as well as afforestation and cultivation on all sides of the project.