University of Kerbala Discussing a Ph.D. Dissertation on “Analysis and Measurement of impact of Non-oil Revenues on some Economic Indicators of Selected oil Countries with special Reference to Iraq”

Faculty of Administration and Economics – University of Kerbala has discussed the Ph.D. dissertation which is entitled (analysis and measurement of impact of non-oil revenues on some economic indicators of selected oil countries with special reference to Iraq).
The dissertation, presented by Saba Alaa Salman Waheed Al-Mayahi, includes analysis and measurement of non-oil revenues by adopting modern econometric methods as a methodology ARDL, panel data)) in some economic indicators in the selected sample countries.
The study concludes that there is a direct and positive relationship between the gross domestic product (GDPt) in Saudi Arabia and non-oil revenues during the research period mentioned, as well as the existence of a direct and positive relationship between the total fixed capital formation (Kt) in United Arab Emirates and non-oil revenues (Rt). It is found that there is a direct relationship between commodity exports (Ext) and non-oil revenues in Iraq.