University of Kerbala Discussing a PhD Dissertation entitled Estimating Reliability Function of some Statistical Distributions according to Neutrosophic Logic

College of Administration and Economics / University of Kerbala has discussed the PhD dissertation which is entitled “estimation of reliability function of some statistical distributions according to neutrosophic logic with a practical application”.
The study, presented by Maryam Mahdi Enad Al-Khazali, aims at proposing probability distributions, which are each of ( exponential distribution of neutrosophic transform, Rayleigh distribution of neutrosophic transform, and Weibull distribution of neutrosophic transform) using transformation rule (Transmuted Lower Record Type), which is symbolized by TLRT to obtain more distributions flexibility in modeling the original data and converting it into neutrosophic vectors based on concepts (true, false, indefinite).
The study concludes that relying on comparison criteria of mean square error (MSE) and mean square integral error (IMSE) demonstrated superiority of maximum likelihood estimation (MLE) as the best method for estimating reliability function of neutrosophic variable and the proposed distributions.
The study recommends testing distributions other than life distributions for the purpose of comparison with the results obtained.