University of Kerbala discussing an M.A. Thesis “Measuring Respiratory area and diameters of red muscle fibers and eggs in two types of local bony fish”

The Faculty of Education for Pure Sciences at the University of Kerbala has discussed the M.A. thesis entitled (measuring respiratory area and diameters of red muscle fibers and eggs in two types of local bony fish),
The thesis, presented by student Fatima Hussein Al-Asadi, aims at knowing the level of locomotor activity of fish through the phenotypic characteristics of the gills, which relate to the number of gill filaments, their length rates, the number of secondary glandular plaques per one millimeter, and the area of ​​the one secondary glandular plate.
The thesis has discussed the knowledge of the values ​​of respiratory surface area rates represented by the absolute gills area (mm 2) and relative (mm 2 / g). And the study of some histological characteristics of the skeletal muscles, represented by measuring the diameters of the red and white muscle fibers in different body regions. And adding new academic information, which will be a scientific basis for future life studies.
The results also shows that the diameters of the red muscle fibers are less than the white muscle fibers in the two studied types and for the different lengths studied in the same type. Added to that, the decrease in the rates of the diameters of the two types of muscle fibers in the posterior region of the body, and this decrease in the diameters of the muscle fibers reflects the increase in the number of muscle fibers and their increase in flexibility when moving, which reflects the importance of the caudal peduncle in combination with the tail fin in the movement of fish.

The study confirms the conduct of comparative studies to estimate the chemical components in the muscles of local river bone fish. it also to estimates the amino acid levels in the muscles of local bony fish and to conduct comparative histological studies on the susceptibility of fish tissues to environmental pollution. It concentrates on the study of equipping muscles with oxygen and its effect on muscle metabolism and motor energy.