University of Kerbala Discussing an M.A Thesis on The impact of Corona Pandemic on some Macroeconomic Variables and Experiences of Selected Countries, with Reference to Iraq

Faculty of Administration and Economics /University of Kerbala has discussed the M.A. thesis which is entitled (The Impact of the Corona Pandemic on Some Macroeconomic Variables – Experiences of Selected Countries with Special Reference to Iraq) presented by Noor Mahdi Dawood Al-Obaid. It includes macroeconomic variables such as (gross domestic product, revenues, expenditures, budget, balance of payments, unemployment, poverty, Indebtedness) of the sample countries Turkey, Tunisia and Iraq as a case study.
The study aims at knowing the effects of Corona pandemic on economies by knowing its effects on macroeconomic variables in the sample countries, and then on the Iraqi economy.
The study concludes that the impact of the pandemic on the economies of the sample countries and the Iraqi economy is limited to the first period of the pandemic.
The study recommends diversifying revenue sources and not relying on one source of revenue, and supporting the health sector to face such crises in the future.