University of Kerbala Discussing an M.A Thesis on the Role of Foreign Trade in Addressing Structural Imbalances in Iraq

Faculty of Administration and Economics, University of Kerbala has discussed the weakness of foreign trade reform policies in correcting structural imbalances as a result of the problems afflicting the Iraqi economy.
The study, which is entitled “The Role of Foreign Trade in Addressing Structural Imbalances in Iraq,” which has been presented by Hawra Ali Hussein Al-Masoudi , Department of Economics, aims at shedding light on the structural imbalances of addressing them in the Iraqi economy, which suffers from a noticeable deterioration in the structure of its economic sectors as a result of the weak economic diversification of the country and increase the degree of economic exposure, as well as the control of oil over foreign trade, meaning the one-sided economy.
The study recommends restructuring foreign trade by reducing dependence on the oil sector, diversifying exports, activating economic sectors and reducing imports by activating the industrial sector and working to increase local production and revitalize the agricultural sector.