University of Kerbala / Faculty of Medicine Holding an International Symposium on Medical Education

Faculty of Medicine / University of Kerbala, in cooperation with Al-Sadiq International Virtual University and the Imamia Medics International, have held a virtual scientific symposium on medical education in which more than 60 participants from different parts of Iraq and the world participated, with participation of 10 researchers and speakers from Canada, Britain, Malaysia, Iran, Pakistan, Egypt and World Health Organization, in addition to University of Kerbala, the University of Baghdad and Al-Iraqi University.
The symposium deals with many topics related to medical education, including curricula, assessment, and accreditation of Faculty of Medicine.
It aims at introducing the importance of medical education and developing participants’ abilities to improve their scientific and medical skills.


Within framework of International Cooperation between University of Kerbala and International Universities, Faculty of Medicine, in cooperation with Al-Sadiq International Virtual University and Imamia Medics International, have held a training course on (writing and evaluating research), with participation of lecturers from different countries of the world.
Asst. Prof. Dr. Ali Abdul Ridha Abu Taheen, vice Dean for Scientific Affairs says that this course attended by Dr. Lieutenant Bukhari, Dean of Jammu Kashmir Medical College in Lahore, Pakistan, and Dr. Fatima Jawad, Editor-in-Chief of Pakistan Medical Journal, an international journal classified within in Scopus.
The course includes a discussion of several important scientific topics within medical research specialties, the most important of which are: choosing topics, idea, objectives, writing a project, writing a research summary, organizing refrences, scientific writing, and writing the thesis, in addition to how to publish in international journals.