University of Kerbala Holding a Scientific Symposium entitled “E-Government and Possibility of its Application”

Faculty of Education for Human Sciences / University of Kerbala has held a scientific symposium which is entitled “E-Government and possibility of its application in Iraq”, specifically in Karbala Governorate, with the participation of a number of specialists and researchers.
The symposium aims at introducing the concept of E-government and the extent to which it can be applied in Iraq as a model, including Karbala governorate.
The symposium deals with the mechanism of identifying the proper and correct methods of application, giving examples of this application from Arab and international countries, and identifying the level of Iraq in its use of this technology compared with other countries of the world.
The symposium stresses the need to rely completely on the application of E-government because of its potentiality to improve production and progress of government and private institutions.