University of Kerbala Holding a Symposium on Aging in Humans from a Histological Perspective

The faculty of Dentistry at the University of KErbala holds a scientific symposium entitled “aging in humans from a histological perspective, in the presence of the staff”
The symposium sheds light on the stage of aging and the disturbance or decrease in the permanence of the physiological activities in different cells and organs of the human body, and it usually begins after the age of thirty.
The symposium given by the lecturer, Dr. Akram Yusef Yasser, deals with theories that explain the way aging occurs.
The lecturer focuses on three basic things, which are the low ability of the body cells that make up the organs in the human body to renew themselves with a curve that gradually tends towards the base of the graphic line after the age of thirty, as well as the genetic factor which indicates that a person is a creature that has a beginning and has a specific end, and of course that is up to God.
He indicates that free radicals, which, by their gradual and continuous accumulation, in the human body lead to inhibition of the activities of various cells and organs of the body, which ends in an inevitable death.