University of Kerbala introducing the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

Kerbala University has announced the establishing of the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology for the academic year 2020-2021.
The university president, Pro. Dr. Basem Al-Saedi, says that the university creates this year the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, with its two divisions (Computer Science and Information Technology), in order to fulfill the physical and human development controls, explaining that the study period is four years and the graduate will obtain a BS degree.
He adds that the development process comes in conjunction with the university’s initiation of scientific and academic progress and its readiness to accommodate the increase in the number of students from the preparatory stage graduates and a diagnosis of the scientific requirements imposed by the contexts of community service indicating that the development aims at raising the level of various educational services, starting with the blended education programs that will enable our institutions to expand their absorptive capacities and contribute effectively to keep pace with rapid developments.

He also stresses that this achievement is one of the qualitative achievements made by the university, which contribute to support the educational process of the country and that is the desire of our university to catch up with the development witnessed by the advanced countries of the world in the field of information technology.