University of Kerbala Organazing a Training Course on Extracting Mycotoxins from Foods

Faculty of Applied Medical Sciences / University of Kerbala has organized a training course on extracting mycotoxins from local foods. The course lasts for three days and it is delivered by Dr. Huda Abdul-Ridha Abdullah and Asst.. Lect. Doaa Fayeq Ali.

The course aims at introducing mycotoxins as secondary metabolites produced by some fungi that are genetically capable of producing toxins when suitable environmental and nutritional conditions are available for them to produce their toxins.
Mycotoxins are known as toxic chemical compounds produced by fungi. Most mycotoxins are hydrocarbon compounds, so they do not stimulate the immune system, i.e. they do not form antibodies. Due to their different chemical composition, they show vital effects that may cause tissue damage and neurological disorders. They resist freezing and high temperatures such as boiling and pasteurization. They resist decomposition during the digestion processes that occur in the digestive system of humans and animals. Most of the mycotoxins are odorless and tasteless, in addition to entering the human body in several ways.