University of Kerbala Organazing a Workshop on Spreading Bad Conten

Faculty of Nursing / University of Kerbala has organized a workshop which is entitled “Efforts of Ministry of Interior to combat dissemination of bad content” in cooperation with Division of Continuing Education and Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance Unit for students of first stage, morning study.

The workshop aims at clarifying the concept of bad content on social media in Iraq between society and law.

The workshop shows citizens ‘reactions to campaign of Ministry of Interior to combat dissemination of bad content through social media, especially after the issuance of arrest warrants by Supreme Judicial Council against owners of dissemination of bad content.

Participants recommend the need to clarify the bad content by specialists and the need to support the campaign by citizens and their participation in reporting bad campaigns through the link published by Iraqi Ministry of Interior, as it aims to tear the fabric of Iraqi society.