University of Kerbala Organizes a Scientific Symposium, in cooperation with the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate, on the Impact of Electronic Armies on Public Opinion

Strategic Studies Center/ University of Kerbala, in cooperation with branch of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate in Holy Karbala, has organized a scientific symposium on electronic armies and their impact on public opinion.
The seminar, which has been attended by a member of the administrative Journalists Syndicate in Karbala, Mr. Majid Kadhim Al-Khayat, and director of Political Studies Department, teacher Hussein Lect. Bassem Al-Yasiri, and the researcher in Legal Studies Department, Sondos Omran Al-Tarihi, includes three axes that discussed the impact of electronic armies from the point of view of specialists in media political and legal affairs.
The symposium aims at raising the awareness of the community, especially the students, to confront the misleading information and news that these armies present.
The researchers recommend restoring confidence in the Iraqi media discourse by withdrawing the licenses of media institutions that try to mislead public opinion and support paper newspapers as the only media document that cannot be changed, and unifying the Iraqi media discourse against attacks by electronic armies that disturb national security or harm the reputation of the country and its citizens.