University of Kerbala Organizing a Festival on Muhammadiyah’ and Sadiqiyah. Message in Cooperation with two International Institutions

Faculty of Tourist Sciences – University of Kerbala has organized, ts first annual festival, which is entitled (From Muhammadiyah’ and Sadiqiyah. Message, we draw inspiration from Mahdi’s lessons) at Presidency Hall, under patronage of University President, Prof. Dr. Basim K. Nile and under supervision of Dean of the faculty, Prof. Dr. Makki Al-Rubaie, and in cooperation with Forty International Foundation and Buratha Scientific Forum, in the presence of Vice President for Administrative and Scientific affairs, Prof. Dr. Akram Mohsin Al-Yasiri, and Prof. Dr. Najm Abdul-Hussein Najm.
During the festival, which attended by commander of Middle Euphrates Operations of Popular Mobilization, Ali Al-Hamdani, and a member of Foundation for Interfaith Rapprochement, Sheikh Abdul-Amir Al-Kilani, and students of the Faculty of Tourist Sciences.
During the festival, Popular Mobilization Authority shows a film that embodies the heroism of Popular Mobilization and sacrifices made in order to expel terrorist and the decisive victory over it.