University of Kerbala Organizing a Scientific Symposium entitled (Suicide from an Educational, a Religious and Legal Point of View)

Faculty of Education for Pure Sciences / University of Kerbala has organized a scientific symposium entitled (Suicide from an educational, a religious and legal point of view), with the participation of a number of specialists and researchers.
It has been presented by Dr. Maytham Hussein Hamza, Faculty of Education for Islamic Sciences, Dr. Hamid Jassem Aboud , aculty of Education for Islamic Sciences, and Dr. Malik Mutlak Takhit , Faculty of Education for Pure Sciences.
The legal side has been clarified by Dr. Maitham Hussein, the jurisdiction of the law. He deals with the procedures and penalties followed against the instigator, the cheerleader, and all those who promoted and assisted the phenomenon of suicide. Religiously, it has been explained by Dr. Hamid Jassim, the jurisdiction of Sharia and jurisprudence, in which he addresses the religious matters that forbid the phenomenon of suicide and prohibit it, indicating that through Quranic verses and honorable hadiths, and the educational side has been clarified by Dr. Malik Mutlaq, in which he mentions the educational procedures to be followed towards the individual who intends to commit suicide and what methods are taken to convince and reverse suicide.
The aim of the seminar is learning how to deal with such persons and filling the gap.