University of Kerbala Organizing a Symposium on Seismic Activity in Iraq

Department of Petroleum Engineering / College of Engineering / University of Kerbala has organized a scientific symposium on phenomenon of natural earthquakes, with participation of researchers and specialists of Faculty of Engineering.
The symposium, which is entitled(Causes of Earthquakes and Seismic Activity in Iraq), delivered by by geological expert, Prof. Dr. Muthanna Mahmoud Ali Al-Shammari, who explains how phenomenon of earthquakes occurs, its causes, dynamics of the movement of tectonic plates, types of earthquakes, methods of measuring them and their risks.

The symposium aims at giving an overview of the seismicity of Iraq , the most important seismic dangerous areas in it , the nearest sources of seismic zones that affect and stimulate earthquakes in Iraq, the impact of dams on scarcity of water resources in Iraq and the impact of withdrawal of hydrocarbons by oil wells and methods of injecting them into stimulating earthquakes induced in the region.

Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Dr. Laith Shaker Al-Qarawi, says that these scientific and cultural activities contribute to advancing the educational and development process in iraqi to further progress.