University of Kerbala Organizing a Training Course on the Use of Nuclear Detectors

Faculty of Science /University of Kerbala had organized a training course which is entitled “the use of nuclear detectors” – Department of Physics for teaching staff of Department of Physics and undergraduate students.
The course aims at identifying radiation and the theoretical basis of the work of nuclear detectors and their different types.

The course includes training on using Geiger counter, adjusting its programme settings, how to perform practical calculations, and the most important radiological parameters that can be conducted through the counter, taking into account the follow-up of safety procedures in the laboratory during the operation of the counter, as well as practical training on operating and adjusting the flash detector settings (sodium iodide doped with thallium), how to calibrate the detector and the most important radiological measurements that can be made by the detector, in addition to saving and printing the data and drawings of the radiation count rate.