University of Kerbala Organizing an Awareness Lecture on How to use Laboratory Equipment

Faculty of Pharmacy / University of Kerbala has organized an awareness lecture which is entitled (educational awareness lecture on the use of laboratory equipment and personal protection tools in the laboratory) with the participation of a number of faculty members and first and second stage students.
This is part of the scientific curriculum of the faculty, where
The lecture includes conducting practical applications on a number of laboratory devices such as the centrifuge, among the teaching staff members. The awareness lecture states that this device is used to separate the components of the material from each other using centrifugal force through rotation, types and forms, as there are two main types of incubators, between which there is a source of water vapor in one of them so that a humid atmosphere is created inside the sample
The lecture aims at introducing students to the basics of using laboratory equipment to achieve good results while conducting scientific experiments, and optimally using laboratory materials, as well as conducting practical applications on laboratory equipment, increasing their experience about using the equipment and how to conduct tests for each device to develop their scientific and practical capabilities.