University of Kerbala Organizing an Electronic Training Course on Linguistic Facilitation in the Decisions of the Arabic Language Academy

On the occasion of the Arabic Language Day, the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Kerbala has organized an electronic training course on linguistic facilitation in the decisions of the Arabic Language Academy and on the Google Meet program, in which a number of the employees have participated. It has been delivered by Lect. Zaid Wifaq Shaker and Assist. Lect. Diana Salah Abdel Hussein.
The course aims to train researchers and specialists to know practical methods of using the Arabic language and its importance in academic life.
The course includes a detailed explanation of an important episode of linguistic research, as it sheds light on the tireless efforts in facilitating the language lesson and overcoming its difficulties in the 20th century.
The course also deals with a mechanism of reducing the difficulty and complexity described by Arabic grammar for students of this science.