University of Kerbala Organizing an Electronic Workshop on the Comparison between the Moodle Program and the Classroom

The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Kerbala  has organized an electronic workshop on the comparison between the Moodle and Classroom program. The workshop is entitled” modal vs. Google classroom features comparison” .

  Dr. Walaa Fadel Obaid, Mr. Ali Hussain Abdul Rasoul have lectured it on the google meet platform, and a number of teachers and students have participated in it.

  The workshop aims at explaining the characteristics and features of each platform and compare them to find out the best in all aspects, the systems and those responsible for preparing these platforms and how to create an educational course in each platform.

  The workshop includes identifying the learning mechanism, what it depends on, the target groups, and the role of each segment within e-learning.

  The workshop shows the importance and role of E-learning in shortening time and distance, and investing effort in delivering scientific material quickly and with high accuracy.