University of Kerbala Publishes a Book entitled” Al-Lahham al-Harrani and His Poetry”

Asst. Prof. Dr. Nawras Ibrahim Abdel-Hadi, University of Kerbala – Faculty of Islamic Sciences – Department of Arabic Language, is able to authorize a book entitled: (Al-Lahham Al-Harani : his poetry, collection, investigation and study) Publications, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Antiquities – House of General Cultural Affairs 2022 .
This book is concerned with collecting the poetic output of one of the poets of the fourth century AH in Transoxiana, represented by metropolis (Bukhara) during the rule of the Samanids. He is one of the poets whose poetry has been lost, and their news has diminished in the ancient past, for various reasons, and this book is only a modest attempt to show the poetry of Al-Lahham Al-Harani, which represents a literary, historical, and social document for a period that represents the most important periods of our Arab and Islamic history. Bringing him to light is considered a repository to be added to relics. The Arab Heritage, and the Diwan of Arabic Poetry at its finest.