University of Kerbala signs a Scientific Cooperation Agreement with Hilla University College

Within the framework of openness and building bridges of cooperation with educational institutions, the University of Kerbala has signed a scientific cooperation mechanism with Hilla University College represented by its dean, Prof. Dr. Aqil Majeed Al-Saadi.
The mechanism aims at achieving productive cooperation between the universities so as to increase joint scientific cooperation in the scientific fields.
The president of Kerbala University, Prof. Dr. Basem Khalil Al-Saedi, says that the signing of the cooperation mechanism has come into existence since there is a joint scientific space between public and private universities in the field of scientific research. It is a way of exchanging experiences and applying them practically.
Al-Saedi also explains that the signing of the cooperation mechanism is a positive start in benefiting from experiences and exchanging ideas in a way that promotes development and progress. It is the starting point to hold joint studies, scientific meetings, workshops and seminars.
The two universities confirm interest in strengthening the cooperation in the field of authoring and publishing joint scientific research in order to achieve academic goals.