University of Kerbala Signs a Scientific Cooperation Mechanism with Al-Zahraa University for Women in Karbala

University of Kerbala carries out a joint scientific cooperation mechanism with Al-Zahraa University for Women in Karbala. The mechanism aims at developing cooperation between the two universities in a way that serves educational and academic process locally and internationally.
The agreement, which is attended by
President of University of Kerbala, Prof. Dr. Basim K. Nile, President of Al-Zahra University, Prof. Dr. Zainab Al-Sultani, and vices of presidents and heads of relevant departments from both parties includes several objectives that contribute to improve scientific, academic and functional capabilities of both universities and in accordance with ministerial instructions.
President of the University of Kerbala Prof. Dr. Basim K. Nile says that the agreement includes cooperation in field of scientific research, holding scientific conferences and seminars and benefiting from their expertise, as well as conducting joint research and promoting it in various academic and scientific fields which would enhance cooperation mechanism between both parties.
Prof. Dr. Nile stresses that University of Kerbala is working on consolidating cooperation in academic, scientific and research fields with Iraqi universities, including Al-Zahra University for Women in Karbala, and to open horizons of joint scientific cooperation so as to develop educational institutions, reach advanced positions.