Univesty of Kerbala Discussing an M.A Thesis entitled ” The Impact of bribery Crime on Private Sector”

Faculty of Law / University of Kerbala has discussed the M.A thesis which is entitled ( crime of bribery on private sector : a comparative study ).
The thesis has been presented by “Youssef Muhammad Baqer”. It aims at showing the impact of bribery on private sector and how to reduce it.
The thesis stresses that the crime of bribery is no longer limited to the scope of public sector, but rather extending to the facilities of the private sector, due to the increasing interference of the latter in satisfying the needs of individuals.
The thesis indicates that Iraqi legislator has criminalized the crime of bribery on private sector in implementation of its international obligations, after its accession in 2007 to United Nations Convention against Corruption approved in 2003.
The study concludes that Iraqi legislator criminalizes this crime, which is to limit it to bribery on private sector in work related to the public sector, whether it is national or foreign, which means that bribery committed in the purely private sector is permissible and does not constitute any legal accountability for its perpetrators. .