Univesty of Kerbala Holding a Seminar on Ways of Determining Sequence of Bases in DNA Nitrogenous

Faculty of Agriculture /University of Kerbala, within activities of cultural season of Plant Protection Department of the academic year 2021-2022, a seminar has neen lectured by Dr. Adnan Abdul Jalil which is entitled ” Past, present and future methods to determine the sequence of Naatroyjanah rules”, and in presence of professors and postgraduate students.
Dr. Adnan Abdul Jalil explains the historical stages of development of methods for determining Naatroyjanah sequence of bases in nuclear acids (DNA and RNA) by addressing the way of first generation of PAL and sequencing Sanger methods of the Next Generation Sequencing and Single molecule sequencing.
There is also highlighting of some examples of applications of these methods in field of biology in general and plant protection, such as molecular diagnostics, especially the precise identification of the complete genome of microorganisms, insects and plants.