A Scientific Symposium at the University of Kerbala on Psychological Counseling and Educational Guidance in E-Learning


Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Kerbala has hold a scientific symposium entitled (psychological counseling and educational guidance in e-learning) with the participation of a number of specialists. It has been presented by  Dr. Ali Tariq Abdul Hassan and on  the FCC.

    The symposium aims at explaining psychological guidance and introducing scientific skills in a scientific and methodological manner and its practical applications on educational reality.

   It also discusses the overview of e-learning and its concept  as it is one of the characteristics of the 21st century and its importance as traditional education not only in the conditions of Corona disease, since the University of Karbala adopted the e-learning project several years ago and its great value appeared in the current circumstance.

    The symposium indicates that the role of counseling in e-learning is that it is critical thinking and dialogue, cooperation, systemic leadership, innovation and creative thinking in the educational process at the present time.