A Training Course at the University of Kerbala on Pathogenic Bacteria


With the participation of a number of researchers and specialists, the Faculty of Education for Pure Science at Kerbala University holds a training course entitled (Pathological bacteria affecting the digestive system and urinary system and the way to treat it with herbs and medicinal plants).

      The course aims at shedding light on the most important types of bacteria that affect the digestive system and the urinary system, the most important of which are bacteria that cause stomach ulcers.

    The course deals with some common diseases due to bacteria and ways to treat these diseases with alternative herbs such as ginger, turmeric, garlic, carrots and many other medicinal plants, because they have an effective role in resisting and treating these bacteria,

      The course shows that antibiotics and medicinal drugs have side effects on the rest of the body and give these types of bacteria resistance to these antibiotics.

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