Kerbala University Holding a Seminar entitled “Early Detection of Breast Cancer “


With the participation of a number of researchers and specialists, Faculty of Pharmacy at Kerbala University has hold a seminar entitled (Early Detection of Breast Cancer). The seminar includes a lecture on cancer and ways to prevent it and its causes. It also deals with the topic of breast cancer as the most occurring in women and addressing methods of early detection so as to diagnosis it to reduce the spread of the disease and treatment in the case of injury.

      The workshop aims at increasing the awareness about cancer in general and breast cancer in particular, identifying its  causes and symptoms and the most important methods used for early detection of this disease and the steps to be followed for early examination and detection of disease.

      The attendees calls for increasing seminars and activities so as to increase health education about this disease in order to prevent it early, conducting self-checks and visiting early detection centers.

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