Kerbala University Unveils Its Exceptional E-Learning Program


Kerbala University released its special program to make 2022 a year of transformation in the field of E-Learning.

The vice president for scientific affair, Dr. Zuhair Mohammed Ali, stated that the University of Kerbala aims at making E-Learning one of its most important learning and teaching tools for the purpose of reaching excellence in higher education in Iraq and the region. Furthermore, he stated that one of the principal goals of this program is to advocate the implementation of interactive learning according to international standards. This program has been accomplished by conducting several workshops inside and outside Iraq.

The program aims at developing education in the university as well as achieving high levels of quality standards by implementing E-Learning ideals. This is intended to make Kerbala University one of the most important institutions in building the knowledge of the students as well as the society by applying the most advanced technologies in learning.

Moreover, this program aims at making education at the university fully dependent on E-Learning by the year 2022. It will also provide students and lecturers with official e-mails and students with their electronic ID.