Workshop at Kerbala University about Medical Education and Building of Teachers’ Capacity

التعليم الطبي

       In cooperation with the International Imamia Organization, Faculty of Medicine at Kerbala University has hold a workshop on medical education and building of teachers’ capacity in accordance with modern programmes in international universities.

      The workshop aims at developing and building the capacity of scientific and leadership professors in harmony with academic visions, prepare a constellation of professors with advanced leadership experiences, and stimulate the movement of scientific research and advancement of the educational process.  This step  keeps pace with the progress of medical science.

      The workshop dealt with the recent developments in the advancement of professional curricula and teaching strategies in medical education, the possibility of updating the curricula, the process of quality assessment, and the continuous focus of medical research and publishing in international platforms.

      It  concentrates on  the need to rely on modern technologies to improve educational and leadership outputs according to general concepts. The workshop has done in partnership with other medical schools inside Iraq and cooperation with international universities outside Iraq.

      Many professors  from the International Imamia Organization have attended  the workshop in addition to the participation of a number of teachers staff members in the Faculty of Medicine and Physicians specialization.