Workshop at the University of Kerbala about the First Level Arduino Platform


      In cooperation with Nabdah Association for Medical Engineering,  The College of Engineering in Karbala University has hold a workshop entitled (Arduino platform level I), using modern programs and followed in electronic systems for medical devices.

     The workshop deals with the identifying the Arduino platform and the date of its establishment and types, in addition to the basic components and the programming language used in this platform as it is an important element in the implementation of electronic orders in the work of many devices, medical, laboratory, imaging and monitoring devices for patients.

      The workshop aims to raise awareness about the Arduino platform and the world of electronic sensors and the process of linking them with medical devices and simulate the actual work of medical devices to imitate the students’ skills in this area.

 On one hand, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Assist. Prof. Dr. Morteza Abdul-Mu’in Al-Har, says that the workshop has been hold in order to provide scientific expertise and encourage the students’ skills in the field of medical engineering.  It also  tries to exchange scientific and practical experiences in the public interest.

       On the other hand, the lecturers in the workshop shed light on the basic examples of the work of this platform to facilitate the concepts of work on them using electronic components. They also explain the practical experiments on the way of  executing orders on medical devices using electronic components. Many public and private universities participate in this particular workshop.